Our Personalization Studio is unique in the homebuilding industry because it was designed in keeping with our woman-centric approach. Our goal is to provide you the information and ideas to enhance how your home lives. And it all begins with immersing you in an educational experience focused on you and your needs, desires and dreams.

It’s About How You Really Live

Take your time….explore….let your senses be engaged as you see, feel and hear amenities for your new home. Take control with storage organization systems. De-stress with spa bath options, whisper-quiet products and motion-activated bathroom lights that automatically turn on a soft light so you can gently see in the middle of the night. See if your meats are cooked to perfection when you are entertaining outside with our thoughtful grill light. Eliminate clutter with features such as a drop zone, breakfast drawer and tilt-out tray at the sink. With Lane Building Corp and Sherwood Homes, we don’t ask you to “use your imagination.” With our numerous model homes and the Personalization Studio, see it all before you buy!

Manage Your New Home Investment

What’s important to you? Beyond the extensive list of features included in our homes, the Personalization Studio presents specially designed packages of our most popular options. Healthy Home. Spa Bath Experience. Outdoor Living. Keeping within the budget you have set for yourself, these and our other option packages are reasonably priced and can be added either as an entire package or individually. Our sales professionals can provide pricing information to help you make wise, informed decisions and get the very best value possible.

One Stop Selections

In addition to introducing you to amenities you may have never thought about, The Personalization Studio was designed to streamline your selections experience and give you back a little more time. You won’t have to drive all over town from store to store trying to make the right selections on your own – cabinets at Store A, countertops at Store B, faucets 10 miles further at Store C, and even then you’re not sure if they all match. At Lane & Sherwood’s Personalization Studio, we have gathered the best, most popular items under one roof. Check the colors, textures and styles side-by-side and up close in one convenient location.

Your Lane & Sherwood team is ready to listen and to learn about you – while you discover products and amenities that will enhance living in your new home.

Be sure to contact your Realtor at Lane & Sherwood today about making an appointment to come experience our unique Personalization Studio.

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